Welcome to Cardano Farm, where there is a christmas storm brewing.

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Old Cardano and his farm hands have been mistreating their animals since they were mere infants. For too long Old Cardano has gotten rich from their produce, for too long has their suffering been ignored. Something must change.

One morning – after a particularly vicious milking, the Cows decide enough is enough. They call a meeting with the heads of the 4 animal families (Cows, Pigs, Sheep and Horses), where they hatch a plan to escape and get revenge on their oppressors.

In the dead of night – the leader of the cows breaks out of his pen, and releases each family from their barn. Newly freed, the animals set about stealing anything they can from the farmers to help their escape. They know that if they are caught, war is imminent, so stocking up is essential. Some items are helpful, some are not, but they will take them anyway.

One by one they sneak through the farm, taking care to be as quiet as possible – as the last pig walks through the barn, they see a light on in the farmhouse. Old Cardano is awake and watching. The escape is on.